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US Soccer Federation

GLASRA does not certify referees.

Annual recertification is required to remain a certified USSF referee.

Many changes are being made to the way first time certification and recertification is being conducted. In an effort to reflect the most current information, we recommend visiting the Michigan Referee Committee website

When starting out as a USSF referee, one begins by taking the Grassroots Referee Course. Visit the Michigan Referee Committee website for instructions and links to become a referee or to re-certify as a Grassroots referee - Become a Referee.




  • Grassroots includes what were formerly Grades 9, 8, and 7.

  • Minimum Age - 13

  • Online Modules & Field Sessions

After Receiving your Badge

  1. Pay your GLASRA dues.

  2. Contact the CASL Assignor, Bob Ianni, to let him know that you are interested in games. You will be added to his assigning list.

  3. In GO Group 1308 set your Availability so assignors know when to offer you matches.


Regional Referee is the new term for what was formerly a Grade 6 (State Referee). The new requirements to become and maintain a Regional Referee Certification can be found here - link.

2020 Information


To encourage our members to strive for higher levels of accomplishment, GLASRA will reimburse referees up to $60 for the cost of successful upgrade assessments (upgrades to Regional Referee and above). 


If you upgraded recently, please reach out to our treasurer to request information on the process for this subsidy.


The Michigan Referee Committee website is an excellent source for all Michigan USSF referees.