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The GLASRA Mentor Program is specifically focused on MHSAA Referees.


US Soccer Mentors are provided by District Directors of Instruction (Andrew Hoard) or can be requested through the Michigan Referee Committee website form.

GLASRA Mentors are selected based on their experience and ability to positively provide feedback and training.

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  • GLASRA MHSAA Assignor/s notify GLASRA Mentors when referees express interest in receiving further training or when a developing referee is assigned to a more challenging match that may provide a good development opportunity.


  • A mentor will arrive at the field and greet the crew.  A pregame field inspection will commence. Once the game begins, the mentor observes the crew.  Halftime input may be presented, but generally a post-game debrief will allow officials to express any concerns they had with the game and ask questions of the observer. 

  • A summary report is provided to GLASRA assignor/s to help determine appropriate future assignments to meet the referee's goals and developmental needs.

Should a mentor show up at your match, consider it an honor as your assignor believes you are ready for input and greater challenges. Please do not be nervous. Mentors are very positive. They are there to help you improve as well as make sure that your assignor knows the appropriate level of games for your skills, goals, and comfort level.

This is one of the best methods for us to find those who desire or show potential for higher level games.

Request a Mentor

If you would like to receive MHSAA training through this method, please contact your assignoremail us, or use our form to submit your request. 

For a US Soccer Mentor - complete the request form at this link.

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