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​2013 Member Accomplishments/Invitations

Following are some of the members who were invited or recommended to special events. It was a long year with many of our members traveling across the US for referee opportunities. Hopefully, we don't leave anyone out. But, if you notice that we did, please let us know who else we should include.

  • ​Ashley Maroquin: 2013 National Young Female Referee of the Year, 2013 Region Young Female Referee of the Year, 2013 Michigan Young Female Referee of the Year, State Cup Finals, Midwest Regionals, President's Cup

  • Danielle Kaminski:  President's Cup, State Cup Finals, Midwest Regionals

  • Raechel Conine: Region II ODP Finals, State Cup Finals, Warrior Classic, Midwest Regionals​

  • ​Dena Conine: USASA Women's National Championship Final

  • Joe Gazda: State Cup Finals​​

  • Kevin and Brion Thomas: State Cup Quarter Finals​

  • Michael Henry: State Cup Finals​

  • Nathan Keller: State Cup Quarter Finals​

  • Nicholas Sambaer: State Cup Quarter Finals​

  • Olufemi Oluyedun: State Cup Finals

  • Viyn Nugen: State Cup Quarter Finals​

​​Those are a lot of GLASRA members. Congratulations on the recognition for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

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