Capital Area Soccer League (CASL)

Please refer to the CASL website to any additional information you do not find here.

Contact your assignor with the email provided in your assigned match through RefInsight or use contact form at the bottom of this page. The info goes directly to Assingor's email.




​​U19: $75/50/$50 (Total $175)
U19 (7v7): $50/$40/$40 (Total $135)
U13-U15: $55/$40/$40 (Total $135)
U11-U12: $40/$30/$30 (Total $100)
U9-U10: $35

  • Check players in using player ID cards. If not on the match sheet, add Club Pass Card/Guest players including their ID number, full name, DOB. If no ID Card is presented, allow to play with a signature on the back of the match sheet.

  • Three guests are allowed for 7v7 and 9v9. Five for 11v11.

  • Total players allowed per team:

    • 7v7: 12 players

    • 9v9: 16 players

    • 11v11: 18 players

  • Record team personnel Risk Management Numbers. If not provided, do not allow in the team area.

  • Record goal scorers.

  • Record final score.

  • Record Misconducts (Yellow-Red Cards) using codes.

  • Referees sign match sheet.

  • Coaches sign match sheet.

  • Take a picture of match sheet/s.

  • Return match sheet to winning team or home team in case of a tie.

  • If you have a Red Card, contact your assignor via email with a draft of your report. Once verified that all detail is included, it will need to be sent to Minors do not send. Ask the assignor to send on your behalf.