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Lansing & Jackson Area



Local Clubs Playing In This League

There are numerous local communities in the Greater Lansing and Southern Michigan Area which participate in this league.

Please refer to the CASL website to find a list of community clubs.

Assigning Program

Game Officials Group 1308

Referee Fees

Age Group: Center/AR/AR (​Per Team)

U9/10:  (7v7)​​​ $35

U11/12: (9v9)​ $40/$30/$30

​U13/14​:  $55/$40/$40 

U15 NHS: $55/$40/$40

U16:  ​$65/$45/$45

​U19:  ​$75/$50/$50

Rule, Procedures, Documents

casl game procedures

Check-In Procedure

CASL now uses a paper check in system.

The check in procedure, the MSYSA rules, and the specific CASL league rules are available on the CASL  Referee Page.

Post-Game - Off Field

POST-GAME:  Game Officials


GLASRA requires the center referee to enter into the Game Officials assigning system, the score and any cards issued.  This is a back-up summary for assignor records in case there are any discrepancies with what is entered at the field.

1. Log into GO 1308.

2. In left Nav. click After Games

3. Select Game Number.

4. Enter Score and player number/s of scorers and cards issued.

5. Submit Incident Report for Red Cards and Injuries for which players did not return to play.

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