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  • Nationals Capital Area

Assigning Program

​Game Officials Group 1308


All pay goes through Game Officials GO Pay under My Payments Link.  You will need to set up a GO Pay account in Game Officials. GO Pay payments will be posted every WED morning for previous weeks games.


Greater Lansing Area Fees (Agreed upon with GLASRA to provide continuity amongst Lansing area clubs playing WSSL.)

U8: (4v4) ​- $30
U9/U10: (7v7) ​- $36/$25/$25
​​U11-U12: (9V9) $40/ $30/$30

RULES (Link to MSDSL website)

Points of Emphasis 

4v4 U7/U8 -Four 10 minute quarters

Size 3 Ball

No goal kicks - defender possession.

No penalty kicks - IDFK

All free kicks are IDFK

One coach from each team will be allowed on the field.

Player substitutions may be made, by either team at anytime.

7v7 U9/U10 -Two 25 minute halves,

Size 4 Ball

Build Out Lines Used

Goal Kicks Allowed

DFK & IDFK Restarts

9v9 U11Y-U12-Two 30 minute halves

Size 4 Ball

DFK & IDFK Restarts

Penalty Kicks Allowed


MSDSL game procedures

Check-In Procedure
MSDSL uses a paper Check-in and Game Report system. 
  1. Check-in Procedure: gather game sheets (includes roster) from both teams.

  2. Use player passcards to verify players for the day's match. Check those present. Line through those not playing.

  3. Note Coach and Managers who are on the bench. All must have Risk Management/Passcards.

  4. Collect referee fees from HOME TEAM only. While MSDSL states teams pay half, GLASRA has an agreement with local teams for different rates than other areas in the state. Therefore, the home team pays all.

Post-Game at the Field
  1. Note score, scorers, and cards issued on Game Sheet.

2. Have each team manager/coach sign game sheet.


3. Take a picture (for entering info into GO after game and for your records) of the report with your phone.


4. Return Game Report sheet to WINNING team or HOME team in case of a tie.

Post-Game - Off Field

POST-GAME:  Game Officials

GLASRA requires the center referee to enter into the Game Officials assigning system, the score and any cards issued.  This is a back-up summary for assignor records in case there are any discrepancies with what teams report to the league.

1. Log into GO 1308.

2. In left bar click After Games

3. Select Game Number.

4. Enter Score and player number/s of scorers and Yellow cards issued.

5. If you issued a Red Card or had a serious injury for which a player did not return to play i.e. head injury ...

EMAIL Assignor with a summary before entering an Incident Report .

Assignor will help you edit for correct format and advise you when to submit report in GO. 

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