Referee Gear

Official Sports is the exclusive sponsor of US Soccer Referee Gear. There are alternate options for purchasing more economical referee supplies. Here are few:


We highly recommend downloading the IFAB App on your phone. It is an excellent resource to have at the field. It is searchable so you can find quick answers to questions.

US Soccer Learning Center

Remember, training material is available at your convenience from the US Soccer Learning Center where you completed your certification.

US Soccer Learning Center Resources

Michigan Referee Committee (MRC)

The Michigan Referee Committe is your source for all statewide referee information.

How to use a Club-line

What is a Club Line?
  • A volunteer who serves in place of a missing crew member.

  • Is an unpaid volunteer.

  • Is provided by the teams either home and/or away.

  • Positioned at the corner flag.

  • Does not move along the touch-line.

  • Advises referee when the ball is out-of-play.