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Assigning Program

​Game Officials Group 1308


  • 40+ 8v8: ​​$60/$45/$45 ($75 per team)
  • 30+ 11v11: $80/$60/$60 ($100 per team)

RULES - follow this link then click on League By-Laws


Points of Emphasis

Yellow Card: Player leaves field and may be subbed.

Soft Fitness Trackers allowed

Sub on any stoppage when ball leaves field 

  • 40+ Thursdays May - August

40 minute halves

  • 30+ Sundays April - October

45 minute halves



MMMSL game procedures

Check-In Procedure
MMMSL uses a paper Check-in. 
  1. Gather game sheets and referee fees from both teams.

  2. MMMSL does not use passcards. Player Id's are printed on game sheet. If there is no picture on the game sheet, player is not eligible for match.

  3. Mark on game sheet all players participating in match. Note jersey numbers.

Post-Game at the Field
  1. On Game Sheet note score, scorers, and cards issued using appropriate codes.

2. Have each team manager sign game sheet.


3. Managers are to take a picture of game report.


4. Retain both game sheets.

Post-Game - Off Field

Email Game Report: Take a picture of competed signed game report. Email to the email address on top of game sheet. 


Game Officials

Within 24hrs!

1. Log into GO 1308.

2. In left bar click After Games

3. Select Game Number.

4. Enter Scorer's Name and Jersey number/s and Yellow cards issued.

5. INCIDENT REPORT - If you issued a Red Card or had a serious injury for which a player did not return to play i.e. head injury ...

EMAIL Assignor with a summary before entering an Incident Report. Assignor will help you edit for correct format and advise you when to submit report in GO.  If you have done this before, just notify assignor to look for report which has been submItted in GO

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